Lola Hats began In December 1989 in a small storefront in the East Village . It was funky but chic. Lola loved it! Then they moved to a larger store in the Flatiron District, and now they are in a huge, sunny studio in Bushwick with an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. 

      Our Bushwick studio inspires us daily.  Filled with books and arifacts brought back from Lola's travels, the 5,500-square-foot space has 60 windows that provide a spectacular view of Manhattan.  Fifteen artisans from countries as diverse as Nepal, Finland, Japan, Equador, Holland and Pakistan work together to create and exceptional handmade product.  Each hat is assigned to a specific artisan based on the skills needed to make it.  The result is a unique piece that reflects the personality of its maker. 

      We believe in taking the time and care to make something unique that will bring happiness to your customers and that they will be able to wear for years.

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